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selling tons of jpop jrock cd and japanese magazines [21 Sep 2009|08:46pm]

hi guys i m selling tons of jpop cds albums and singles like ayumi hamasaki,koda kumi,hirai ken, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru,mika namashima,amuro namie and more and i m also selling jrock cds like l arc en ciel ,dir en grey and more . ( few kpop items like boa and se7en )

im also selling japanese fashion magazines like scawaii,egg,cawaii,blenda, kera ,seventeen,koakuma ageha ,men's egg,ollie,smart,ray,nico puchi ,posh,ranzuki and many more

and some japanese make up lavshuka from kanebo ( brand new)

for pictures , prices and additional informations ,please check my website at www.myjpop.com

i accept money order,conceal cash,personal check,western union and paypal

if you have any additional question feel free to pm me
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Jpop/Jrock CDs Slashed Prices [03 Jan 2009|11:01pm]

Hi everyone. I need to dispose of everything quickly so I've slashed prices on an old sales post and added a few more stuff. All are authentic japan cds. Some cd cases are not in pristine condition, but I assure you of excellent playback and cheap prices.

I accept paypal and bank to bank transaction. Prices exclude shipping and paypal fees. Will ship international from the Philippines and only registered/with tracking number.


FROM $2.00-$10.00: chemistry, doremidan,gazette, southern all stars, porno graffiti, kaela kimura, unicorn, hirai ken, sendai kamotsu, mukaikaze, moon child, soft ballet, lana hanako mckissackCollapse )

PICTURES here (password is gabysale)


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KATTUN SALE [13 Dec 2008|01:43pm]


kat-tun boxset
cd and dvd's

GO HERE:http://snowwhites7sins.livejournal.com/5447.html
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Selling some Ayu stuff [15 Oct 2008|03:47am]

* x-posted, if this isn't allowed delete it mods please ♥ *
Hi.. I'm selling mostly Ayu singles/albums. I need the money for a bass guitar amp since I've been recruited into a band. If you're looking for pristine condition, look elsewhere. However, they are fairly cheap I think so it makes up for it. Every CD plays just fine but not all come with OBIs and some have cracks in the case (never use Yesasia to ship, srsly).
I have some feedback on e-bay but that's just about it. Shipping will be $4 to anywhere in the US I'm pretty sure. These prices are intentionally low because I want to get rid of these items as quickly as possible.

Click on the image to go~
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NewS Icons, Banners + KAT-TUN Banners! [13 Oct 2008|10:32am]

[23] NEWS Icons
[5] NEWS Banners
[6] KAT-TUN Banners


RyoIcon-1.jpg image by foreverbluexxxMassuIcon.jpg image by foreverbluexxxKoyamaIcon3.jpg image by foreverbluexxx

Rest Here @ xdreamagainx

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KATTUN + H!S!J! + Eita [03 Oct 2008|05:44pm]

[1-12] Hey!Say!Jump!
[13-31] KATTUN
[32-42] Eita


HERE @ neon_inlights

Entry will only stay public for 3 days, so join to view after that!
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KATTUN; banners + header + icons [29 Sep 2008|02:44pm]


HERE @ neon_inlights

It's my new graphics comm. Please join!
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Wallpapers and a lovebar <3 [12 Sep 2008|10:13pm]

1 x Matsumoto Jun wallpaper
1 x KATTUN wallpaper
1 x Arashi wallpaper
1 x KATTUN lovebar

HERE @ neonism

xoxo Neon
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1 KATTUN wallpaper [11 Sep 2008|09:51pm]

Hey there!

Enjoy! (I changed it to the more convenient size of 1280x800)

Comments and feedback are love!

xoxo Neon
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kat-tun box set for sale!!! [12 Aug 2008|02:18pm]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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[04 Aug 2008|09:39am]

[ mood | bored ]

I'm putting many of my J-pop related stuff up for sale

*At least $10 off of original price

Glay, JE and one Ai Otsuka item HERE
Hello! Project photobooks HERE
w-inds. items HERE

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KATTUN AND OTHER JE FOR SALE [14 Jun 2008|12:17pm]


-Out of print calendars
-Photo books

KAT-TUN'S leading the way! click pic!
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mp3 rotation site [25 Feb 2007|10:20pm]


here's my brand new mp3 rotation site
today's theme is "NEWS"  (welcome back, u guys ^o^)

right here

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Obsessed! +Crossposted+ [25 Jan 2007|11:46am]

[ mood | determined ]

 Hi all.

I've been going nuts over this for the past few weeks thanks to a wonky internet connection (all over the region too) and an equally wonky problem with my OS (MSN Windows XP Professional - some people say it's good, others say it's $h**on earth and I agree about the $h** thing).

I am looking for the following:

  1. 320 kbps version of Nakashima Mika's Hi No Tori single
  2. high quality (100 MB or higher? I'm sorry I don't know where HQ PVs begin...) version of the Hi No Tori PV (preferably raw)
  3. 320 kbps version of Crystal Kay's KISS single
  4. high quality version of the KISS PV
  5. Crystal Kay x Chemistry's Two As One PV
  6. 320 kbps version of Utada Hikaru's Sanctuary single
  7. only if any has been made, the Sanctuary PV/music video

Sorry, no bribes at the moment as I'm at work right now, and I won't be home till Sunday (we're having a teambuilding seminar over the weekend and I'll be out of town, with no internet ;_;). Which gets to my next point ... please send it to me either VIA SENDSPACE (my email there is minamino_haruka[AT]yahoo[DOT]com) or BOX.NET (my email there is joy.bordador[AT]gmail[DOT]com). v^_^v
Please send your links to the comments section here. And I'll try to put up a tracklist later on within the next seven days so I can send you the items of your choice. (Feel free to bug me if I don't. Life happens and I am naturally also forgetful. ^_^0 Oh, and um, I don't have so much HQ stuff yet. Sorry about that. T^T)

Thank you all so much! {bows low and apologetically}

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(Ad) JE RP! XDD [11 Jul 2006|09:31pm]

Shirokin Uni is an alternate-universe, which means there are relationships to build, bonds to make and room mates to get used to. You have the choice whether you're a prep or a jock, whether you're a skeet, or skank. It's all depends who you want to be.

And because this is a school, there's going to be classes, depending on what you chose your major to be. It can be anything, english, science, arts, your pick. (Though they actually won't take place, you can get to know a person who's in your class, RP in class, etc.)

Roommates are going to be random. There's no guarentee that Kame will end up with Jin (though WE like that a bit too much), and we're not going to change your roommate because you don't know someone's character.

Since it is a uni, you'll have to learn. ;D

There's still a lot of people to claim, so hurry!


[X-posted everywhere, delete if not allowed!]
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***Pre-Orders*** KAT-TUN, K8, Sakurai Sho, Ohno Satoshi, Hideaki Takizawa [25 Mar 2006|12:02pm]




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***Latest Johnny Idol Goods for Pre-Orders*** [22 Mar 2006|01:36pm]

- Hurry! Limited Time Only!!! -

1) Sakurai Sho Solo Concert - The Show
2) Ohno Satoshi Solo Concert
3) Takizawa Enbujou

Please read all details. Please feel free to email for any enquiries.

Pre-orders will end 10th April 2006.

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hitomi / LOVE ANGEL live performance [02 Jan 2006|02:02pm]

[ mood | drunked ]


it's really great performance of a great song ^^` her voice just amazes.

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minna ^^) [27 Dec 2005|12:50pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i just wanna wish merry christmas and happy countdown to all members of this community ! be happy and lucky in 2006 ^_____________^
*i'll upload smth today's evening..
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[24 Nov 2005|04:51pm]


I hope it's okay to post this here. ^^;
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