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Jpop/Jrock CDs Slashed Prices

Hi everyone. I need to dispose of everything quickly so I've slashed prices on an old sales post and added a few more stuff. All are authentic japan cds. Some cd cases are not in pristine condition, but I assure you of excellent playback and cheap prices.

I accept paypal and bank to bank transaction. Prices exclude shipping and paypal fees. Will ship international from the Philippines and only registered/with tracking number.


Chemistry - all at $5.00

Your Name Never Gone/Now or Never/You Got Me
It Takes Two/Solid Dream/Move On
You Go Your Way

Doremidan - $ 3.00

Single Title: Tsuisou no Shinkirou with Obi

Gazette - $6.00

Cassis B Type with Bonus Track Limited Edition

Hirai Ken - $4.00

Album: Kiss of Life (Single) with Obi

Kaela Kimura - $5.00
Beat with Obi

Lana Hanako McKissack - $2.00

Sing a Song (2nd single)

Moon Child - $8.00

Escape (Out of Print), 8cm CD

Mukaikaze - $4.00

メジャーデビューシングル「一人じゃない」 (First Single)


Porno Graffiti - $10.00

Romantist Egoist Album comes with porno graffiti postcards and lyrics booklet

Sendai Kamotsu - $5.00

Okuru Kotoba with obi

Soft Ballet - $7.00

Escape Rebuild Album with Obi

Southern All Stars

Tsunami 8cm CD - $4.50
Manatu no Kajitsu 8cm CD (out of print) - $6.50
Christmas Love - Namida no Atoni 8cm CD -
Sutekina Birdy - No No Birdy 8cm CD - $4.50

Unicorn - $10.00

The Very Best of Unicorn/ザ・ベリー・ベスト・オブ・ユニコーン [Best of]

PICTURES here (password is gabysale)


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