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Obsessed! +Crossposted+

 Hi all.

I've been going nuts over this for the past few weeks thanks to a wonky internet connection (all over the region too) and an equally wonky problem with my OS (MSN Windows XP Professional - some people say it's good, others say it's $h**on earth and I agree about the $h** thing).

I am looking for the following:

  1. 320 kbps version of Nakashima Mika's Hi No Tori single
  2. high quality (100 MB or higher? I'm sorry I don't know where HQ PVs begin...) version of the Hi No Tori PV (preferably raw)
  3. 320 kbps version of Crystal Kay's KISS single
  4. high quality version of the KISS PV
  5. Crystal Kay x Chemistry's Two As One PV
  6. 320 kbps version of Utada Hikaru's Sanctuary single
  7. only if any has been made, the Sanctuary PV/music video

Sorry, no bribes at the moment as I'm at work right now, and I won't be home till Sunday (we're having a teambuilding seminar over the weekend and I'll be out of town, with no internet ;_;). Which gets to my next point ... please send it to me either VIA SENDSPACE (my email there is minamino_haruka[AT]yahoo[DOT]com) or BOX.NET (my email there is joy.bordador[AT]gmail[DOT]com). v^_^v
Please send your links to the comments section here. And I'll try to put up a tracklist later on within the next seven days so I can send you the items of your choice. (Feel free to bug me if I don't. Life happens and I am naturally also forgetful. ^_^0 Oh, and um, I don't have so much HQ stuff yet. Sorry about that. T^T)

Thank you all so much! {bows low and apologetically}

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